Many years back when All Programming started we were primarily Windows desktop programmers. Starting in Visual Basic, then progressing to Delphi and then To C#.NET, our experience in windows desktop systems is extensive.

We are able to offer full database management systems of any kind and complexity to our clients.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a rich programming environment that allowed windows applications to look absolutely amazing. We are able to create animations and absolutely stunning user interfaces using this technology for our clients, with all the normal database interfacing and any other interfacing that you could expect from a desktop system.

User interface design plays a large part in user adoption of a system in our experience. If you make the users want to use the software because it looks great, you have already succeeded somewhat in a difficult to acheive goal.


The greatest need for desktop systems these days often stems from a need to control a device linked to a computer. We are able to interface to devices that have serial ports or USB interfacing. From finger print readers, to receipt printers and highly technical laboratory equipment. We can interface to it all.


The world is moving to the cloud and mobile devices, traditional desktop systems will need to start to be rewritten to the cloud and or to link windows programs to their newer cloud systems. All Programming is perfectly positioned to make this a painless process as we do all of this work already. We can even help migrate your systems to mobile devices.

Do you need to get your desktop systems to speak to different branches or franchises. Leveraging the cloud to syncronise the data or to even hold the data we are able to bring you to this goal flawlessly.


We only use industry leading reporting tools to create any reports that you need. Invoices, Multi Branch Reporting, Inventory Management, Financial Reporting, anything thats from your database. Our reporting always includes the built in ability to export the reports perfectly to PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel.

Our reports that we create are also able to migrate straight to the cloud without additional cost to the client as they are made in a multi use environment.


Below is a good estimate of what the costs fare for different types of developments

Desription Costing
Typical machine interfacing R 20k+
Full business management system R 150k+
Migrations to the cloud R 50k+
Small billing system R 25k+
Custom business management / point of sale solution R 100k+
3rd Party services integration R 15k+
Custom e-mail or sms systems R 25k+
Custom Reports Each R 5k+