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SQL Database Development

At All Programming the greater majority of our work is SQL database development and database programming. Whether you are doing a web based database system or a Windows desktop database development, SQL Server is our database development platform of choice.

We are true SQL server database development specialists. We have the expertiese to create and administer the database and then to also develop the systems that make use of the databases. We are experienced in database optimisation through the use of SQL Stored procedures, SQL Server backup plans and fluent in importing data from legacy or other systems to SQL Server.
See our list of database development sevices below to get an idea of our capabilities.

SQL Server

We make use of SQL Server 2008. Within this we make use of the full spectrum of capabilities of SQL Server from Stored Procedures and triggers to cursors. We always try to keep all the database related processing on the SQL server itself thereby ensuring our software developments are fast and efficient.

Microsoft Access Conversions

Got a legacy Access system that has grown beyond the limits of Access, no problem we will upgrade your software and database to an SQL server development




Many a time we take over or inherit PHP based MySQL websites. All Programming is able to fully convert any My SQL database to SQL Server as well as able to convert any PHP websites to ASP.Net and or a CMS System

Paradox, DBase Conversions

In extreme legacy system cases we often find clients still using Paradox and DBase based systems. Converting this to SQL Server is not a problem and best of will never have to re-index or repair your files again. We are also able to rewrite any Delphi based systems to C#.Net

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