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Software Development Company

By now you are well aware that All Programming is a software development company but you may not be aware of what it is you should expect from your software development company and so we thought we would include a page to tell you what you can expect from us.

  • We always strive to automate your business processes in the best and most efficient manner possible. Because of our insight into a broad range of businesses, we often find synergies between the way that different businesses operate and will share those ideas between clients, often resulting in a better process than what existed before.
  • We are your business partners throughout your software development life cycle, we must know extensively how the business component you want software developed for functions in order to offer you the best solution.
  • We quote an amount and stick to that amount, if there is scope creep in the project then we discuss the changes with the client and amend as necessary.
  • We always offer a guarantee on our work completed. The guarantee is simple, if your program gives you an error and the error is related to hardware failure or Windows operatinf system software in some way, ie it is a All Programming software fault, then we will fix the fault free of charge every time.
  • We will always offer you the opportunity to better make use of additional services we offer to clients including hardware preventative maintenance, software enhancement maintenance, website hosting and more.
  • We always strive to answer questions in simple non IT terms. Often we get it wrong but if you ask we will keep explaining something till you understand it. We often find that clients are scared of IT because they dont understand it. Dont worry, we will make sure you do.

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