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Software Development

Our primary business as a software development company, is the development of custom programming solutions to meet our clients needs. Every client has unique needs and we understand this very well, we have been solving various companies needs with bespoke software for more than 10 years now. What ever your need we will be able to offer you a custom software solution that will fit your exact needs.

Within the software development area of expertise, we offer various services, below is a detailed list of all these such services, feel free to contact us at any point for a no obligations quotation. It doesn't matter how big or small the job is, we will help you and your company.

Bespoke Software Development (R 400 per hour) WPF Programming (R 400 per hour)
Windows Mobile Development (R 400 per hour) Touch Screen Development (R 400 per hour)
Windows to Internet Conversions (R 400 per hour) Access To SQL Server Conversions (From R 350 per hour)
Software Maintenance Services (From R 350 per hour) Software Development Consulting (From R 300 per hour)
Mobile Device Development (From R 400 per hour)  

We offer all of the above programming and software development services in the following demographic areas:

Cape Town

Software development

Bespoke Software Development

This is one of our main types of business. We will develop customised software programs to meet your companies specific needs.

A typical scenario would be something like this. You have a need to automate a business process and you can buy off the shelf software to solve this need, the problem however is that the off the shelf software doesn't solve your business need well enough, to the degree that it isn't worth buying the software. In this instance you would call us and we would arrange a meeting in which we meet to discuss your needs. Once the meeting is done, we will provide your company with a no obligations free quotation on what the costs would be to have a customised software program developed that fits your exact needs. Once the quotation is accepted, we develop the software and deliver to the client. Once delivery of the system is complete we put in place processes to ensure that we will always be there to meet your needs with this program going into the future.

We can develop windows desktop based programs or web designed software or a combination of both windows based and internet based systems.

We use various programming languages with a special focus on Microsoft Based programming languages such as

  • C#
  • VB.NET

Our database software of choice is Microsoft SQL Server, the reason for this is because of its robustness, reliability and ease to move to the internet when your company is ready to move to the web.

WPF Programming

Windows Presentation Foundation is a new type of programming brought out by Microsoft in the recent past. It biggest asset is that it greatly assists in helping developers create software systems that are graphically rich in content. No longer does your program look like software of the past, your can now have programs that your clients will show interest in.

Below is an example of our Point of sale system using WPF programming.

Hair salon point of sale

Anything you can do in windows programming you can do in WPF programming and more.

We can convert any windows based program into a WPF based program. We can use the same technology to develop touch screen based applications as well.

Windows Mobile Development

Windows mobile is a technology used on windows based Smartphone's and cell phones. With this technology we can develop customised software that allows your business to become mobile.

Typical examples include, logging sales information away from the office, allowing management to view the most important company info via there phone anywhere in the world.

Windows mobile development is an excellent tool when used in conjunction with websites specifically designed for Smartphone's, for instance your company has an online customer relationship website that all employees make use of. We can develop a Smartphone specific website that works in perfect harmony with your main CRM system or any other web based system, the bonus being that the application will work on any cell phone and even the new iPhone.

Other examples of where a windows mobile device is used is in warehouse stock counting, stock loading etc.

There are almost no limitations to what Smartphone's can do, anything a windows program can do, we can get a Smartphone to do with windows mobile software development.

Touch Screen Development

Mostly used in the retail industry, touch screens have many applications and use. These days you gets Tablet Notebooks, notebooks with touch screens and in the nearby future in this country will be Microsoft surface based devices.

Using WPF programming we can easily develop fantastic looking software for touch screen devices which in this area is typically unheard of. A classis example is how terrible all restaurant systems look and function.

Along with the development of touch screen software, we can provide the hardware touch screens as well as the computers used to run them. To view more about our hardware services click here (link coming soon).

Windows to internet conversions 

As the internet becomes more critical in our business day to day activities, we as a company find that more companies are finding it more viable to move systems to the internet or develop systems that allow their clients to interact with them via the internet.

Using ASP.Net and Silverlight, we can convert and rewrite any windows based program to an internet system.

Access to SQL Server conversions

Microsoft Access is a great database for small start up companies, it is unfortunately not great once a company starts growing in size and many companies may find themselves in the position that they need to scale there Microsoft Access programs to more scalable and flexible systems.

We can cost effectively convert any Microsoft Access system to a Microsoft SQL Server based system. This offers greater flexibility and scalability of the database and offers a seamless move from the desktop to the internet in the future.

Software Maintenance Services

Often times companies have software products that need to be maintained for various reasons, the company that developed the software closed down or the company relationship between client and company broke. 

You can call us and we will step in and maintain your existing software systems and infrastructure. We can develop new reports, make additional components for existing software. Give us a call today to find out how we can assist you.

Software Development Consulting

With each software system we develop we provide our clients with both business analysis and systems analysis in order to develop the best solution for their needs.

We can provide this as a separate service to clients as well, whereby we will consult with you about what you should look into in order to get the best solution possible to your needs. This includes full documentation that can be used by programmers to later create the software.

Documentation includes ERD's (database diagrams) and data flow diagrams detailing the flow of businesses processes in the software between the user and the database.

 Mobile Device Development

Mobile devices include anything from Cell Phones to non windows mobile based smartphones. Take advantage of the fact that there is almost no one that doesnt have a cell phone.

All Programming can help you take advantage of this by opening your business systems with the help of GPRS and SMS to your mobile device so that you can interact with clients and staff any where at any time.

We offer mobile device development services for JAVA enabled and windows mobile enabled cell phones.



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