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  • All Programming is a full service software development IT company. Our speciality is in custom programming for Windows and web systems of all types and sizes
  • Our motto is simple. 'Improving Perfection' We develop the most simple to most complex windows programs and websites...better
  • Our range of services encompasses the entire IT function with specialisation on the small and medium enterprise market
  • Some of the clients we have improved perfection for...

Other Services 

All Programming does so much stuff that there is a list of things we do that doesn't fall under any specific categories that we list them here.

They are:

Systems analysis / consulting Domain registrations

Systems analysis/consulting

Unbeknown to any of our existing clients they have always received systems and business consulting from us as part of there service offering from us. We always strive to offer our clients with a better system, with a better way of doing business etc. We have the fortune of exposure to many businesses and in this exposure we see many synergies where a business can be doing something in a better manner because an entirely unrelated client gave us an idea of how to make a process quicker.

As a result we offer our systems analysis services as an official service to clients that want to have official documentation on systems processes and business processes, or simply we offer the service as a manner for clients to pick our brains for ideas on how to do something better.

Services cost R 450 per hour.

Domain Name Registrations

What is a domain name? Well to put it bluntly, its your business identity, there isn't a single reason why every company in the country shouldn't have there business name as a domain name.

Imagine one of our competitors went and booked the domain name, the url for this website, we as a company wouldn't be able to advertise on the internet, in fact we would probably need to go change our business name and buy a different domain name. The realty is that unless you have a trademarked brand, anyone can safely book your domain name resulting in your company needing to go through a lengthy and costly process to get that domain name back and there is no guarantees you will win the case.

We will gladly assist you in purchasing your domain name at a mere price of R 100 per domain name. This price is payable on a yearly basis. Its so cheap to book your name that you should do it immediately, we will park the domain name on a server until your company is ready to create a website for that domain name. To book send an email to and we will contact you to make arrangements. From the moment you give us the go ahead to book the name, the entire process will take about 1 hour to book the name and protect your brand.


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