All Programming is a full service company. That means we are able to develop full business systems supporting all platforms. Mobile device development is another such platform for which we create amazing software. From property management solutions to Pre Paid electricity meter reading apps, we are able to do it all. We develop for iOS devices and Android mobile devices. Our experise includes development in the native languages for both platforms.

We understand that all the different technologies may be difficult to manage. Many companies fail to manage there desktop systems, their cloud systems and now also there mobile app systems and have many service providers servicing all these needs. Further still many don't go this route at all because they don't want to have so many suppliers and the logistical difficulties of managing all these suppliers. Rest assured that All Programming is able to maintain and develop all these types of systems. We are perfectly geared to guide you the client in this process.


We use Apple XCODE programming labguage with Swift and Android Studio to develop native applications. All Programming has development licences with both companies so we are able to also distribute your software on their stores and distribute for testing purposes to the client till it is ready to go live.


We love developing beautiful software and Mobile design lends itself amazingly to this. Do you want to modernise your look and feel to your clients or your partners, we will help you through all of it. If you already have a standard corporate look and fell, we will stick to that as well within the conforms of good mobile application development standards.


We have over the years done many projects for Grahics design houses and freelance graphics artists. You get the clients and we do the technical work that is not a core part of your business. We are happy to work through you on behalf of your company or brand and we will never take your clients from you. All Programming considers you partners in business and as such everything will be treated in strict confidence.


Many websites are developed specifically as responsive websites that work and scale correctly on all devices. As a result clients may want to wrap their website or web business system into what is know as an APP SLEEVE and distribute it to clients in that manner with no alteration or little alteration (i.e make a standard mobile menu system instead of a web menu system.). We are able to develop these simple applications for you quickly and easily for distribution to your clients or partners.


Below is a good estimate of what the costs fare for different types of developments and costs for both iOS and Android programming work.

Desription Costing
Standard App Sleeve R 10k+
Small Internal Inventory Management R 50k+
Prepaid Meter App R 50k+
System including integration with cloud and desktop systems R 100k+
Custom business management / point of sale solution R 100k+
Desktop to mobile app conversions R 60k+
3rd Party services integration R 20k+
Property Management Software R 200k+