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Blog Web Design

Blogs are by far the latest craze on the internet and for very good reason. All Programming will be able to design your companies blog or your own personal blog for you. We are also able to host your blog and give training on how to use the blog software.

Currently we make use of 2 blogging engines, that being Wordpress or the blog module that comes with the dotnetnuke CMS system. To learn more about Wordpress, click here. To learn more about Dotnetnuke, please click here

We will be able to design custom skins for your blog as well as submit the blog to popular search engines and blogging directories.

Why is a blog so important?


A blog that is well written often demonstrates the writers expertise in a specific industry, or type of work or what ever the writer is writing on. This sort of style of writing is what you and I as readers like to read about, it is often free of sales and marketing and is about something the reader is interested in if they came accross your article. Search engines also know this and so they tend to give better ranking weight to blogs than ordinary web pages because they know that the article is topic specific and not necessarily general. This of course is dependant on how well the article is written.

Blogs also give the community to whom you are directing the article the chance to comment on your article and this is very important because it determines an articles popularity, the more popular and well written your article, the more important the article will be to search engines as well.

Pricing to setup a blog

The costs to setup a wordpress blog are R 1500.00. If you wish to have your own customised skin for the blog this will be at a cost of R 400 per hour for web design services.

Hosting the blog on a monthly basis can be done from as little as R 100 per month


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