Our History

For 18 years All Programming has been developing unique, bespoke software for its clients. Our clients vary from small to the medium business industry as well as corporate clients.

Over the years our programming focus has changed with our clients needs and has gone from mainly making windows desktop systems to developing responsive web systems and apps for mobile devices. The range of software is always unique to our clients needs and is anything from inventory management systems, to recruitment systems, to full automation systems and device integration programming.

Our experience enables us to confidently handle any software programming needs of our clients.

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Hi! I'm Rory

I am a the owner of All Programming.

I have a honours degree in Information Systems which means that by education I am a business solutions architect and systems analyst. The programming side of things was my passion and entirely self taught. This gives me the unique ability to understand how to communicate with clients and articulate those conversations into technical programmed solutions for you.

In various forms I have always, since before university been in business. Before univeristy we started a CC called Nebman Systems which was used to do outreach work for the univeristy while studying. Later Nebman Systems was converted to a private company and we worked as consultants for Libralex (PTY) LTD where the owner, Marianne van Wyk, taught me much about what I know on how to run a business, we are still close friends and do business together 18 years later. From there Nebman Systems (PTY)LTD merged with Ginsberg Business Systems CC and Its Owner, Rouan van Niekerk, to form the company Corporate Programming. Later Rouan and I sold 51% stake of all our businesses in a business venture that did not work out.

As a result 10 years ago I started All Programming and its name is appropriate to exactly what we do, any and all software development.

I look forward to meeting you, feel free to go to the contact page and lets discuss your business needs in detail.