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  • All Programming is a full service software development IT company. Our speciality is in custom programming for Windows and web systems of all types and sizes
  • Our motto is simple. 'Improving Perfection' We develop the most simple to most complex windows programs and websites...better
  • Our range of services encompasses the entire IT function with specialisation on the small and medium enterprise market
  • Some of the clients we have improved perfection for...

WPF Programming

Now All Programming as a software development company has the fortune of being able to offer all our clients WPF custom solutions as part of our service offering.

Windows Presentation Foundation is a new type of programming brought out by Microsoft in the recent past. It biggest asset is that it greatly assists in helping developers create software systems that are graphically rich in content. No longer does your program look like software of the past, your can now have programs that your clients will show interest in.

Below is an example of our Point of sale system using WPF programming. The pictures depict how the screen shifts position of the menu to make space for another screen, what you dont see here is the animation that happens in the program to smoothly move between a full menu and another screen.

Hair salon point of saleChrome Hair Salon Point Of Sale

Anything you can do in windows programming you can do in WPF programming and much more.

We can convert any windows based program into a WPF based program. We can use the same technology to develop touch screen based applications as well.

Contact us today to get a free no obligations quotation on your custom WPF programming software.

As A WPF software development company, All Programming has dedicated itself to using this new technology in all future based windows desktop software development systems. We are making sure that we keep at the forefront of this tecnology in South Africa.

WPF Pricing

Costs to develop in WPF are done at an hourly rate of R 400 per hour. This includes new software and converting old Windows Forms based programs to WPF programs. If you want to show your clients the future and give them the best software experience they have ever had, then Windows Presetnation Foundation (WPF) programming is the only way to go.




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