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  • All Programming is a full service software development IT company. Our speciality is in custom programming for Windows and web systems of all types and sizes
  • Our motto is simple. 'Improving Perfection' We develop the most simple to most complex windows programs and websites...better
  • Our range of services encompasses the entire IT function with specialisation on the small and medium enterprise market
  • Some of the clients we have improved perfection for...

Our Clients and Other Useful Links

This page provides 2 sets of links for you to view. The first is a list of some of our client references and the work we have done for them. The second is a list of software that we think is great and that everyone should be making use of in some way.

Click on each of the client references to view more information about the project.

We hope you enjoy these



  • Baby Photography | Maternity Photography | Adore Photography
    Adore` Photography: Is a specialist baby photography and maternity photography company. We developed the website from the ground up, we host their website and assist with their SEO.
  • Fractional swap management software | Website Programming
    DJ Syndico: We formed part of the team to give their website and web systems a complete overhaul. Our job was the creation of the fractional shareholder swap management system as well as the creation of a website to allow them to rent out any availability between their properties.
  • Fractional Sales | Timeshare sales | Full Title Sales
    Magic Breakways: We are in the process of developing a web designed system to aid them in the selling of timeshare and fractional ownership shares.
  • People Beyond: We are developing their Human resources client capturing system.
  • Hair Salon | Waterkloof | Pretoria | South Africa
    Palladium Hair Salon: This is one of our hair salon clients in Waterkloof centurion. Rated as a top 10 in the country hair salon, we do their website hosting and conitnued website design and website development. They make use of our Hair salon POS software as well.
  • EFTIS: We created and host this modern architects website which showcases his brilliant design of modern contemporary homes and shop fronts
  • CareerLink Recruitment: We developed and host their employment recruitment web software system


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