software development company and web design company in Pretoria, South Africa

  • All Programming is a full service software development IT company. Our speciality is in custom programming for Windows and web systems of all types and sizes
  • Our motto is simple. 'Improving Perfection' We develop the most simple to most complex windows programs and websites...better
  • Our range of services encompasses the entire IT function with specialisation on the small and medium enterprise market
  • Some of the clients we have improved perfection for...

Software Development Company | Web Design Company

All programming is a custom software development company, based in the Pretoria, South Africa. We create software programs, website programs, e-commerce software, content management systems, silverlight web programming and WPF desktop programming. We also sell computer hardware, website hosting and systems analysis services to name but a few of our services. Use the menu above to view more about each service offered. Not only are we a services orientated company but we provide various out-the-box software programs such as hair salon pos, sms, mms and bulk emailing programs.

Software Development

Our software development company develops any Windows desktop software programs using the absolute latest Microsoft technologies, including C#, SQL Server and WPF programming.

Our bespoke software development services start from R 450 per hour. Programming your companies software development needs has never been this cost effective before.

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Website Design

We are also a website design company. Our primary business is the creation of complex website development systems that encompass all the business processes our clients need. It is possible with the state of communications and technology today to have your old Windows based software converted to a Web based cloud system, allowing you to work anywhere in the world.

Some of our clients in this regards are
DJ Syndico
People Beyond
Magic Breakaways
Adore Photography
Hemisphere Risk Solutions

We cater for the smallest web design software development's from R 5000 to the largest R 100 000 plus website developments with complex programming. Our complete service inludes hosting your system and maintaining it through service level agreements.
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Machine Interface Programming

Our programming team is able to create programs that can interface to most machinery that has a serial port attached to it. We have interfaced to the following devices in the past:

  • Mining equipment: AC9000, CASC 12001B, ESITARTMAX, FlintecFT 11-D, GSE 665, Hawk Scale, Masskot 4321, MC55, Trek IND 310, Trek IND 560.
  • Point of sale equipment: Serial Till drawers, thermal receipt printers, dedicated barcode printers, various barcode scanners, DVR Camera systems, Digital persona fingerprint scanners, magnetic card readers
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